The Atlas of Wearable Crafts is an online platform presenting and mapping traditional and contemporary textile crafts worldwide. It is a growing, digital collection of craft techniques and the artisans that practice them, presented as a visual-first atlas, knowledge base and source of aesthetic inspiration.

This practical design-research-project serves to revive artistic textile crafts and create a network between engaged artists, artisans, designers and production facilities, that act locally and are connected globally. The database documents the know-how and skills of artisans, researches this artistic-cultural treasure trove with all it’s stories, and explores how to integrate it in contemporary design and production.

We support cultural diversity, transparency and a renaissance of local production. We are critical of the current global mass-production system of fashion and promote alternative, sustainable ways of design and production.

We are currently developing the platform, conducting extensive research, collecting data, information and building connections with artisans communities across the world.

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This project is initiated by Berlin-based non-profit association Grass Routes e.V, founded in 2007 with its focus on sustainable design and development. The executive team consists of independent designers, artists and researchers, dedicated to change the system of fast fashion with creating this unique collection of traditional craftmanship, integrated within contemporary design. We are based in and between Berlin, Helsinki, southern Germany and Skopje.

Cecilia Palmer
Fashion Designer, Web-developer & Sustainable Entrepreneur
Cecilia Palmer (Germany/Sweden) works as a fashion designer, creative entrepreneur, and web developer. She is the founder of green, open source fashion label Pamoyo and swap and upcycling event Fashion Reloaded. She was born 1982 in Sweden, and since 2005 based in Berlin.

Anja-Lisa Hirscher
Doctoral Researcher, Design Activist & Graphic Designer
Anja-Lisa Hirscher (Germany/Finland), holds a BA in Graphic Design and a MA in Design/Creative Sustainability. She is working as a doctoral researcher at Aalto ARTS, Helsinki investigating possibilities to enable new designer-producer-consumer relationships through new actors in the fashion-system.

Mima Pejoska
Specialist in crafts and cultural heritage
Mima Pejoska (Macedonia) has been involved in many aspects in preserving traditional crafts in the past decade. With her BA in Ethnology and her MFA in Jewelry and Objects, she’s currently involved in both academic research and works as an individual artist using traditional jewelry and textile skills. Currently resides in Skopje.


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